Our Mission

We build innovative communities that foster the independence of individuals with all abilities, so that each individual can live a full life for all of their life.

Our Core Belief

We believe that each individual deserves to live a full life for all of their lives. It’s what inspired the foundation of AEC and – as reflected in our organizational mission and vision – it’s what continues to fuel our future.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals of all abilities thrive in diverse communities that are built to foster their independence, while honoring their unique preferences and vibrant histories.

About Our Office

At GardensSL, we see more. Our approach champions what each of our members can do, not what they can’t. We value members’ interests and skills and support each individual through physical activity, intellectual engagement, and social stimulation. Our adult day centers provide support for individuals and families across Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding communities. Let’s work together to identify the ideal adult day program for your loved one – you’re not in this alone.

Check for Membership Qualification

Each of our programs is designed using innovative, evidence-based methods of engagement in order to offer person-centered care that promotes self-advocacy and independence and prioritizes empowerment and wellbeing.